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Glazing Repairs

At AMPM Glazing we have years of experience in replacing glass in sealed units. Homeowners have complained over the years about failed insulated glass windows. Repairing them is not a do-it-yourself job, but it is possible to just replace the glass in a double glazed unit without the need to replace the whole system. When properly made, insulated glass units will last many years. Windows are an important part of your home, and they should never be purchased strictly on price. Windows and doors are the largest sources of heat gain and heat loss in an average home. We measure and install insulated glass units in all kinds of windows and doors - aluminium, wood and upvc. (All units are guaranteed against future failure). We also repair and replace all types of hinges, locks and handles on windows and doors.


Replacement Windows and Doors

Security and Safety

No one can ignore the importance of security, and although we don’t want our home to be a fortress, we want to feel safe and secure within our immediate surroundings, by having a sensible level of protection. Special locks and hinges fitted to your windows and doors can help to keep potential intruders out. Special security hinges with deep locators offer resistance if someone attempts to prise the window open. Being secure is essential, and in the event of an emergency you must feel confident that you can open your windows and doors quickly. High security hardware is available that incorporates important safety features too.


Maintenance and Efficiency
PVC-u windows and doors provide a low maintenance option to timber windows, as you don’t have the problems of peeling paintwork and rotting wood. To keep your units in prime aesthetic condition simply wipe clean. PVC-u windows offer weather-tight performance and increased insulation. The chambers in the window system ‘trap’ air to provide a thermal barrier, keeping the cold out and the warmth in. PVC-u doors also avoid the problems of condensation.


WHS Halo windows and doors are available in a range of styles, sculptures, and sizes, and are therefore manufactured to suit the practical requirements and period style of your home. There are a range of colour options (white, cherry and mahogany), hardware, and glass available.


Patio Doors & French Doors

We can supply a range of Sliding Patio and French Doors, suitable for all tastes whether you’re dreaming of those long summer evenings with the cool drinks on the patio - or just sitting comfortably in your living room - PVC-u patio doors will do the job perfectly.


Composite Doors

Composite Doors have become a popular choice for the Uk homeowner as well as the housing and lettings markets. Whilst maintaining the traditional looks of a timber door, they offer all the benefits of modern, maintenance free materials. Composite doors are not only good looking and low maintenance, they are also secure and thermally efficient. We can help you decide on the look and style of your composite door to suit your budget and taste.



Conservatories and Porches

conservatory roofAt AMPM Glazing we can offer you a wide range conservatories and porches, allowing us to cover almost all configurations. We can supply multi-chambered designs that can be used with a range of ancillaries and security measures offering a wide choice of glass thicknesses, glass types and profile finishes, not to mention a selection of reinforcement types. The infinite number of combinations will provide a system that will suit your individual needs and we can match many house styles, with conservatories and porches of most sizes and shapes whether a Victorian, Edwardian or Mediterranean "p"shaped. We can purpose make to meet your requirements, and can offer all finishes, white, mahogany or oak. Also, we can supply all types of glass, clear, stained, leaded or decorative. The roofing system can be supplied in glass or polycarbonate, with self-cleaning glass also available. Our experienced advisors are able to dicuss all your requirements and make any necessary recommendations.


Useful maintenance tips:

Do not use oil to lubricate squeaky hinges (or any nylon moving parts), use a silicone based maintenance spray.
• Once a year clean and light oil visible moving metal parts, particularly door locks and 'friction stay' window hinges.
• Never allow the use of washing up liquid in the water when your windows are cleaned - it attacks and degrades the seals.
• Use a generous squirt of cream cleanser in warm water to spring clean white PVC-u, (no abrasives should be used on woodgrain).
• Keep sliding Patio Door tracks brushed clean of mud, grit and dust. Do not lubricate the track.
• Make sure there is a key in each room for undoing security-locking windows in the event of an emergency.


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